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Yes, Virginia, we can help you get your online bachelor’s degree.

Virginia is a unique, amazing place to live. And the people who live here are just as remarkable. The Online Virginia Network was created to make it easier than ever for Virginians to complete their online bachelor degrees at one of our prestigious state universities.

Online degrees that unlock Virginia’s potential

When Virginians complete their degree, it does more than just boost a career. A better-educated, better-prepared workforce makes Virginia-based companies more competitive here and abroad.

With support from state leadership and our founding partners George Mason University and Old Dominion University, the Online Virginia Network is working to simplify the process and help more people finish their degree online in Virginia.

Complete a bachelor’s degree online: Your life.

Your degree. Your way.

Things are challenging enough with work, family, and all the other things that fill our days. For many, completing a bachelor’s degree online is a great way to balance education with life. Here’s a short primer on what makes online learning different.

Things to know about online learning

  • Online is not the easy route. The coursework is the same, but you have the schedule flexibility to work (or not) as needed.
  • Stay engaged. Online message boards replace in-class discussions, so treat them with the same degree of care. Spell check. Pay attention. Speak up.
  • Prioritize your time. Whether you set rigid schedules or not is entirely up to you but the key to completing your bachelor’s degree online is making sure you spend enough quality time to succeed.
  • You can do this. Every day, students juggle family and job responsibilities as they pursue their degree. It takes discipline, but the programs are designed to help you succeed.
  • Is it really the same degree?

    Yes. The things you learn, and the degree you earn, with our renowned partner universities are exactly the same as you would get via classroom education. Your degree will just list the school name and your specific degree, with no mention of online.

    Hotelsсombined Many GEOs

    How things work: synchronous vs asynchronous classes

    Not all online courses are scheduled in the same way. Here are a few key areas to explore.


    • There are no scheduled lectures—review your materials at your own pace
    • Most assignments have no due date, though they may have a specific order
    • Message boards and discussion groups promote collaboration and Q/A
    • Course materials are downloadable or cloud based
    • Alfredo and Molly Pargas

      Alfredo: Master of Science in Education

      “It was difficult taking classes overseas in different countries, but distance learning and the internet made it easier. I was able to videostream courses or access Blackboard to complete my classes via the internet. I am very proud of [my wife] Molly who started the Master’s program through distance learning at the same time I did, and who has earned her degree. She helped motivate me to work toward completing a master’s degree while still in the Navy.”

      Molly: Master of Science in Education

      “Taking care of two very active little boys during the day, meeting family commitments, and doing homework several hours a night was how I have spent the last couple of years. However, both Freddy and I firmly believe that if there is a will, there is a way. It is all about managing your time and believing that you can do it. It was tough, especially when Freddy was deployed during my student teaching, but the ultimate reward was stepping into that classroom fully prepared to build relationships and being ready to use the tools I learned from Old Dominion’s distance learning program.”

Hotelsсombined Many GEOs

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